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Welcome to the 2020-2021 club year!!

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 The 2020/2021 Club Year

The following emails are to be used for the club, events and donation of funds: is for general club inquiries, is for our events/fundraisers and will be used for our Give Away of funds. The email to use for dance is and public relations can be reached at


DUE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS, updates on events will be posted as things move forward. Stay safe and healthy.


The dance academy is being managed by Cheryl O'Hora, Sharon Campbell and Erin Osterhout. There are currently 187 dance students with many of them taking several classes, virtual and in studio. A recital is planned for May 27th, 28th and 29th at Lackawanna College. There will also be vitual access to one of the shows.


Monthly Board and general meetings are being held virtually on Zoom. Despite Covid-19, AHCL will proceed to continue meeting and serve the community with a little imagination and while following CDC guidelines.


 Ways & Means is planning to have restaurant fundraisers in 2021.  The annual wine festival will take place this year if all goes well. Hopes are high that this popular event can be held in September instead. Rosario's Fundraiser took place at the end of February and the results should be in soon.


AHCL has been reaching out with Valentines that were distrbuted to some of the senior homes and the Gino Merli Center. Quilts, blankets and ties were collected for The Sleeping Bag Project.


The annual Student Art Scholarship Show will go on virtually. Judging will take place on March 10th. Good luck to all who entered their art!


For further information, please email us at


Book Clubs 1 and 2 continue to meet on a regular monthly basis with the exception of July and August. They always have interesting topics to read and discuss. While social distancing, the clubs are planning their next read or get together.


Meetings for the AHCL Board and committees continue on Zoom as things change daily.


 Our Facebook page has many updates on what's going on currently within the club so check it out under Abington Heights Civic League!






Pictured is the signing of the tablecloth, which has been in the civic league for years.  It is a tradition that new members sign the cloth and their signature will remain as a remembrance that they have served their community by being an active part of the AHCL.





State Hospital

State Hospital
Hospital visits have been discontinued temporarily for the Clarks Summit State Hospital due to Covid-19. The club was able to reach out at the holidays with gifts for the men in our ward. There are no visits in July or August. During non-Covid times, visits are scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted at the regular monthly club meetings.