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Welcome to the 2019-2020 club year!!

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 The 2019/2020 Club Year

The following emails are to be used for the club, events and donation of funds: is for general club inquiries, is for our events/fundraisers and will be used for our Give Away of funds. The email to use for dance is and public relations can be reached at


DUE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS, updates on events will be posted as things move forward. Stay safe and healthy.


The dance academy is being managed by Cheryl O'Hora, Sharon Campbell and Erin Osterhout. The recital has been CANCELLED. The committee is reviewing ways in which the dancers can be showcased in their costumes.


The annual September Banquet has been scheduled for Monday September 14, 2020 at Constantino's. We are looking forward to sharing the fellowship of club members once again. More information will be available as we get closer to the date.


Our "Happy Spring" project was very successful. It brought a smile to many senior citizens living in local nursing homes.  We were unable to complete the cards for the veterans, so that may be coming up in the near future.


Fly the Flag initiative asks that citizens fly the flag at their homes and businesses in order to support our everyday heroes. This would include medical professionals, first responders, mail carriers, truck drivers, restaurant owners, grocery store employees, caregivers and the list goes on.


Book Clubs 1 and 2 continue to meet on a regular monthly basis with the exception of July and August. They always have interesting topics to read and discuss. While social distancing, the clubs are planning their next read or get together.

Meetings for the AHCL Board and committees continue on Zoom as things change daily.


 Our Facebook page has many updates on what's going on currently within the club so check it out under Abington Heights Civic League!






Pictured is the signing of the tablecloth, which has been in the civic league for years.  It is a tradition that new members sign the cloth and their signature will remain as a remembrance that they have served their community by being an active part of the AHCL.





State Hospital

State Hospital
Hospital visits will continue for the Clarks Summit State Hospital in the 2019/2020 club year. There are no visits in July or August. Visits are scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted at the regular monthly club meetings.